The Paris Murders

Intuitive profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent solves the most puzzling cases with the Paris homicide division in this suspenseful and fast-paced series based on actual criminal cases. Her exceptional sensitivity enables her to read the minds of killers and victims alike. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

One for All

51m 23s

Chloe is taking important steps in her new life. The investigation of a brutal murder leads to a mysterious father figure who becomes the key suspect.


  • The Shooting Star: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The Shooting Star

    S1 E1 - 49m 59s

    A woman whose stage name is Julie Garland is found dead at the back of a jazz club. Chloe must find her true identity in order to solve her murder.

  • Panic: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S1 E2 - 51m 42s

    Paris is shaken when a sniper opens fire on crowds of people. The killer is identified as an army veteran, but this deluded man proves hard to find.

  • Crossed Destinies: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Crossed Destinies

    S1 E3 - 53m 19s

    A dead body is found in a shop window, bound and gagged. When he is identified as a couples therapist, it?s clear that he had no lack of enemies.

  • Radio Silence: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Radio Silence

    S1 E4 - 50m 19s

    When Chloe appears on late-night radio, she gets a call from a woman who is terrified of her husband. Amidst the media frenzy, Chloe must find her.

  • Missing: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S1 E5 - 51m 29s

    Tensions are rising high in Chloe?s team as two children go missing after being left alone by their parents in a hotel.

  • Just Before Oblivion: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Just Before Oblivion

    S1 E6 - 53m 42s

    Chloe and Rocher are investigating the death of a painter which leads them to a strange connection to another murder from back in 1945.

  • Reminiscences: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S1 E7 - 54m 52s

    A woman finds Chloe at a conference and begs her to investigate her son?s death 21 years ago. She has 48 hours before the case closes forever.

  • From Father to Son: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    From Father to Son

    S1 E8 - 49m 23s

    A pregnant woman is brutally attacked in a park, but while she?s in intensive care, Chloe discovers the woman was using a false identity.

  • Possession: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S1 E9 - 56m 2s

    A man comes forward to admit stabbing a woman to death in church, claiming to be possessed by a demon. Rocher thinks it could be a clever trick.

  • Smoke and Mirrors: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Smoke and Mirrors

    S1 E10 - 53m 31s

    The police are working on a seemingly simple investigation of a drug ring, but it ends with dramatic consequences that take a toll on the team.

  • In the Spotlight: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    In the Spotlight

    S1 E11 - 51m 6s

    Just as the Chief of Police brings in three young interns, the team is sent a shocking recording of a young woman getting her throat cut.

  • Out of the Shadows: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Out of the Shadows

    S1 E12 - 54m 43s

    Chloe is in for a shock when she thinks she sees her mother at a party, who was presumably beaten to death by Chloe?s father 20 years before.

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