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Your educational guide to Classical Music

Teachers, parents, students, and music lovers – take note! Welcome to our portal to deepening your love and knowledge of classical music. Explore masterpieces, meet our greatest composers and performers, and learn all things classical with episodes of Classical Breakdown and your host, John Banther. Don’t forget to check out fun and creative activities that accompany your listening experience!

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Classical 101

Ever wonder what exactly is an Overture? Or what a daily life of a chamber musician is like? Explore all things Classical, from in-depth look into the details of Classical music to inspiring interviews with some of the best musicians today.

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Let's Go to the Symphony!

Dive deep into some of the favorite pieces in Classical music! From intimate music for solo piano to grand masterpieces for a symphony orchestra, discover your new favorite pieces, and the thrilling stories behind the music.

A portrait of Beethoven on a field of sheet music.

Meet the Composer!

The great composers we know and love are not too different from all of us today! Discover what sparked their love of music, who supported them along the way, and fun facts about the people behind the great music.

Take Action!

If you are inspired to get more involved with music, whether it’s learning an instrument for the first time, or looking for ways to do more with your music, check out this resource for ideas and resources.